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Ops Manager Functions

Ops Manager is an enterprise wide, resource management tool.  It has been designed to provide you more control of your employees, telecommuters, and contractors.  Conversely, it provides these same individuals access to company information that will enable them to increase their efficiency and decrease downtime.

Project Administration/Accounting - Empowers Project Manager (PM)

  • Manage Account, Project, or Task Info

  • Assign Staff to Project Tasks

  • Track Budget, Est. to Complete and Actual Hours

  • On-Line TimeSheets correlate to Task level

  • On-Line TimeSheets automatically check for assignments

  • Interface to MS Project

  • System Estimate Revenue for Project*

  • Track Other Costs Allocated to Project*

  • PM Generate/Review invoice for Project*

  • PM Review Receivable Balance for Client*
    * Requires optional accounting interface.

Human Resources - Enables HR Manager

  • Track Generic Staff Information

  • Assign Staff to Organizational and Work Teams

  • Provide "Phone Lists"

  • Track Financial Data

  • Track Personal Information

  • Track Benefits and Benefit Costs

  • Track Review status and consequences

  • Track User "Codes" for other information

  • On-Line TimeSheets track vacation, sick, etc.
    * HR data can be passed through optional accounting interface.

Reporting - Enables Enterprise Reporting

  • Integral reports in ASP

  • Crystal Reports

  • SQL 2000 OLAP

  • English Query

Exchange Applications - Contact Management

  • Contact Management w/email

  • Sales Force Pipeline Mgt & Reporting

  • Contact Transfer to Project Admin

  • Single User Calendar - PIM

  • Shared Calendar with Personal Update

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