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Ops Manager

Resource Company has developed an enterprise framework and operational business system called Ops Manager. Ops Manager provides the core business systems needed to support a "project company." Ops Manager uses IE 5 to support the user interface over a SQL 2000 database. Interfaces are provided to MS Exchange to provide contact management, calendaring, sales management, etc. Other interfaces include: MS Project, Excel accounting packages.

Server Components:

Virtual IT: Resource Company's ASP Solution

  • Cost-effective for any size company
  • Ready to work for your company today
  • Minimal administration

For more information, please contact Leif@TechnologyCatalyst.com or call 540.374.2343.

Download the Ops Manager information sheet in a Microsoft Word or PDF file

Ops Manager was featured on the Technology Today show. Download the 30+MB video (please right click and save as) here.