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Ops Manager Walk Through

Home - the starting point.

Ops Manager provides many features and customization options. Leveraging Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Ops Manager's look and feel can change quickly and easily. The upper left logo image is carried throughout the system and has been replaced with an internally focused ad manager for one client installation.

The left hand navigation is fully personalized on the server, excluding the navigation choices the user is not authorized to use. The navigation expands and collapses using DHTML in the IE browser. Additionally, the system revalidates the user credentials on each page request, as shown at the bottom of the navigation menu on the left, providing a tight application level of security. Secured pages also validate the user on data submission to deny URL by pass of the security controls. Ops Manager is by standard served out using HTTPS with all actions encrypted.

Each "System" as noted by the high level menu choices on the left, has a generic based help page to provide just-in-time training to operate the system. In addition this main help page can be replaced with an internal marketing/communications page to help share information internally. Simple menu choices, the familiar browser interface and a non-frame environment provide an easy to use application for the user.

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